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We are a dedicated producer of cookies, granola and brownies that values natural solutions such as partnerships with local suppliers and the use of minimally-processed plant-based raw materials from organic sources. At LOV, each of our products is manufactured and packed by hand to ensure high quality and craftmanship. We are committed to producing great-tasting products that are Local, Organic, and Vege. For us, for our consumers, and for our planet.


It is obvious for us that high-quality raw materials yield the best cookies, brownies, and granola. We know many of our suppliers personally. We know how they cultivate, harvest and process. We can proudly say that our products are the best because they are made with the best. Find out what raw materials we use in our sweets and why we chose them.


We produce the way we live, thus, simply, healthy and in balance with nature. We do not trust components from mass production. We do not believe in efficiency to the detriment of quality. And we know that dessert should be delicious but not make us feel guilty afterwards. That sweets should make us feel good while we are eating them AND also while our bodies are processing them.



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