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Why Poland?

Great agricultural tradition. Great agricultural products. And an exciting place to be since the free market economic model has been introduced. Membership in the European Union and recent reclassification as a developed country have made Poland a very attractive place to live and invest.

Why local/eko/vege?

We only have one Earth, and unfortunately humans are pushing it to the brink. Using LOCAL ingredients not only capitalizes on using great ingredients from Polish sources, but also reduces environmental pollution (greenhouse gasses as well as pollution from petrol emissions) via reduced food miles.

Using EKO ingredients eliminates agrochemicals use in our products. Therefore, EKO is good for the health of the environment AND good for human health. I don’t want pesticide residues in my blood and I don’t think our customers want any in theirs either..

Using ingredients from VEGE sources is a win win win … a win for the environment because animal agriculture takes approximately 10 times as many resources as non-animal agriculture for the same amount of calories … a win for the animals because, well, that’s obvious … and a win for humans because overconsumption of meat and dairy is detrimental to human health, especially processed meats such as sausages and canned meats. I encourage you to decrease your meat and dairy consumption, and you’ll notice that you feel lighter, less bloated, and more energetic

Why did you choose such a lifestyle (healthy food, travel, sport)?

We each have only one body, so it’s necessary to take care of it. Our bodies don’t have to break down in middle-age as conventional wisdom wants us to believe. Eating healthy and living an active lifestyle gives me the energy I need in my 50’s to make lots of cookies …. cookies that are full of great ingredients such as whole oats, whole-wheat flour, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and honey. Smacznego !!