Whenever possible, we choose local suppliers. Why is this so important?

When we select Polish farmers and entrepreneurs, we support the local economy, and we get to know the suppliers personally and build mutual respect and trust. And, of course, Polish products are of high quality so they contribute greatly to the quality of our finished products.

The consumption of local raw materials can have a beneficial effect on our health as well. A good example is natural honey coming from Polish apiaries, which contains antibodies characteristic of our environment. Thanks to this, consuming local honey helps us fight off locally-occurring bacteria and viruses.

Finally, by shortening the distance and transport time, we minimize energy and fuel consumption. In this way, we limit the pollution of our planet.

Consider LOCAL a win-win-win. For the consumers, for the company, for the planet.



…means ECO, EKO, BIO. In order for our products to be given the organic certification, they must adhere to many strictly-defined requirements – more on that below. In the European Union, such products are marked with the symbol “EuroLeaf”. Compliance with the requirements is controlled via regular visits by third-party certification organizations. At LOV also! So rest assured that our products are safe and truly organic.

Why choose ecological products over conventional products?

Organic production is an expression of respect for and cooperation with biodiversity and the result of good quality live soil working its magic. In organic crops, the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides is forbidden. Genetic modification (GMO) to the seeds or plants is also forbidden. As are preservatives, artificial food dyes and flavors, and other chemicals.

In animal breeding, special attention is paid to the well-being of the animals, including more space per animal, a more natural (and purely organic) diet, and no antibiotic use. This is important, especially in contrast to factory farming, because we now know that all animals are sentient beings that have the full range of emotions.

Organic farming provides us with safe high-quality raw materials with maximum nutritional value. And only from such raw materials are we able to create cookies, brownies, and granola that is good tasting and good for you. Without the chemicals.

What else is ECO in our products? We wrap our tasty treats in biodegradable foil. Yes, we LOV our planet too 🙂


Vegetarian also means more sustainable. Plant farming uses approximately 10X less resources than animal farming per calorie of food produced based on several studies. And creates much less environmental pollution and certainly much less methane gas production (a significant contributor to global climate change).

An increasing amount of research now shows that high meat consumption, especially highly-processed meats, are cancer-causing. So it’s fair to deduce that limiting the consumption of animal origin products has a positive impact on our health. The only ingredients we use at LOV that keep us from being vegan as opposed to vegetarian are eggs and honey. Eggs give so much to baked goods including structure, flavor, color, and emulsification (between the fats and water-based components of the doughs) that it is really really difficult to replace them. And honey, well, let’s just say it’s just the perfect sweetener in some of our products. But, remember, as a certified organic producer we use only eggs and honey from organic sources, meaning more biodiversity, more animal welfare, and less chemicals.

So, yes, VEGE is also a win-win-win. For the consumers, for the animals, and for the planet. Well, we win too because consumers are happy 🙂