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Why Poland?

A unique agricultural tradition and excellent products. Poland is an exciting place since the free market economy model has been introduced. Membership in the European Union and becoming a developed country has made Poland a very attractive place to invest.



We are a dedicated producer of cookies, granola and brownies that values natural solutions such as partnerships with local suppliers and the use of minimally-processed plant-based raw materials from organic sources. At LOV, each of our products is manufactured and packed by hand to ensure high quality and craftmanship. We are committed to producing great-tasting products that are Local, Organic, and Vege. For us, for our consumers, and for our planet.


At LOV, we know that the best products are obtained only from the highest quality ingredients. It’s just the way it is. That is why we pay particular attention to raw materials. They are the building blocks of our products. Of course, quality is monitored throughout the production process to make sure our products leave our facilities ready to please.